Excel Provides Temporary Air Coolers so Customers Can Beat The Heat

“California, where the spring comes in the fall and the fall comes in the summer and the summer comes in the winter and the winter never comes at all…”-Inez Haynes Irwin


The calendar might say that summer is over but Southern California seems to disagree! This past week as retailers were rolling out Christmas decorations, at Excel’s Fullerton headquarters temperatures reached as high as 105 degrees.


This time of year, the Southern California heat is no surprise and cooling units are essential if you don’t want to melt. In an effort to beat the heat, Excel Construction is ready to provide customers with temporary cooling units in the event of a primary HVAC failure.


The model Excel uses is MOVINCOOL® – Classic Plus 14. The MOVINCOOL® portable air conditioner is designed to spot cool warehouses, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, retail facilities, and even outdoor events. It’s also suitable for process cooling and moisture removal.


Our technicians simply roll it in, plug it in, and turn it on. The unit is self-contained and easy to install and operate. It features programmable digital temperature control and handles temperatures up to 113°F. It also operates on standard 115V power. The units are equipped with flexible ducting that can be discharged to the exterior of the building envelope via a window or the existing HVAC system.


Take that, So Cal heat!