“It’s great to be in the hands of a company that prioritizes customer experience and support – I am so glad I was asked to engage Excel for these projects and look forward to hearing more good things in the future.”

– Maggie, Associate Project Manager

I would like to take a moment to document my appreciation of Excel Construction for your excellent work on various projects in the last two years. You truly are a part of my team and I value your hard work as well as commitment to providing consistent quality work and service on every project. In a time were projects become increasingly more crucial on time constraints and financial restrictions having Excel Construction working with me has proved to be an invaluable relationship. Thank you.”

Landon, Project Manager


“This was my first store on the owner side but I was a General Contractor for many years before I came on with XXX, & I know that Excel deserves the credit out here for this one. Their attention to detail, and customer service has been unmatched on this project. The entire team from the PM Alex, General Super Richard, Superintendent Mike, Project Assistant Cecilia, and many field staff whom I do not know the names of worked relentlessly, especially in the last couple of weeks to pull this off. Building in LA, with the Coronavirus truly takes an army. The store is beautiful and built to last. Very happy to have been a part of this wonderful team. Hopefully everyone who hasn’t already will have a chance to meet and congratulate them in person at the XXXX event this week. Excel…you rock!!”

-Matt, Project Manager – Construction

“Just wanted to pass along a great word about Junior. It was a big job for one person today and he got it done fast and painted it to match the front – so it looks as good as it could given the circumstances. I hope you can pass along the feedback to his manager – his work is always great .”

– Sheila, Financial Manager

“Your team did a fantastic job on Saturday.  I was very impressed with William and the whole team.  They were extremely professional.  I will discuss your company with our Facilities Manager…Once again, thanks for a great job.”

– Mike, Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President

Darcy and Jim with EXCEL have been beyond great in taking care of us and I don’t know where we would be without their attention and support.  Thank you all for your attention.”

– Esmeralda, Financial Center Manager

“Thank you very much Pablo. Please be sure to share this with your team! Once again you all did a rock-solid job and knowing they can open Monday is a good thing. As I’m sure they will be busy!”

– Teresa, Facilities Manager

“Team, I went down to the bank around noon today to walk with the mall’s team.  She RAVED about the job you guys did. How smooth everything went and what a nice job the team did with the electrical, bolts and making everything safe. I know a huge portion of that was Junior and the Excel team.  Thank you for helping to hold spots for the riggers trucks, for the electrician being so thorough…and for leaving the space in great shape. We received multiple thanks from the BofA team today for the work done today!!…Thank you for making it all happen and finishing so strong.  I appreciate LeAnn, Junior, Chris and the whole team for always working with me to take care of our mutual customer.”   

– Connie, Facilities Manager 

“Excel Team, Please take care of my clients’ until that room is a clean as they wish it to be. I am so happy I asked you to assist with this. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will do.”

– Teresa, Facilities Manager 

“I was very impressed with how quickly your team turned around the bank branch, thank you!”

– Julie, Facilities Manager

“Thank you for all your help! FCM told me how helpful, professional, courteous and knowledgeable your staff have been while onsite!”

– Nancy, Facilities Manager

“It has been a crazy day with multiple Emergency and Rush work orders and I know that my few have only been a small portion of what you guys have dealt with today. A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE!!!! I know if takes a LOT of behind the scenes work to make the magic happen and every one of you is appreciated for your part in helping take care of our customers!!”

– Connie, Facilities Manager

“I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole…We look forward to future projects.”

– Jaime, Vice President 

“I stopped by the job site yesterday, got HUGE KUDOS from the branch manager and BIG Compliments from the guys that completed the service. She was so impressed with the how professional the guys were, courtesy, cleaned up afterwards and all-around delivered results higher than her expectations.

So, please pass along to the everyone involved, Job Well Done!!!!

I personally wish to extend my thanks to you and all for what you do. We all deal with challenges every day, often under tough deadlines and/or emergency’s, so it’s important to pass along the good stuff!!”

– Rex, Facilities Manager

“Thanks so much for your fabulous service! Thank you for making it possible for me not to stay up all night monitoring an emergency.  I trusted you would call me back if you needed further direction.  I appreciate you and your team.”

– Cheri, Facilities Manager

“Kecia, This is great!  I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to you and your Team for such an amazing job on this one!”

– Jason, Facilities Manager

“Kecia, Once again you and the team come thru when I need help! Please let them know I really appreciate all your support and jumping right on this.”

– Connie, Facilities Manager

“Looks like a 5-Stars resort over here now.”

– Edward, Vice President

“…Mark demonstrated an excellent level of response, engagement, communication and coordination to restore the electrical service and business operations of this facility…Mark really displayed a passion for his job and took great ownership to ensure the support and solutions were top notch.  It’s just a great representation of your team and what a positive difference your folks make in supporting our client.”

– Stewart, Sr. Vice President, Regional Manager

“The store looked amazing and all the punch walk items were done. I really hope we continue to use the team that built this store, they did an amazing job and were so easy to work with. Thank you for all your help!”

– Ken, District Manager

“I cannot tell you how happy I am with this installation, and the attention to detail surrounding the Executive Office with time and effort. I’ve already shared the two most current photos with team members! This is an outstanding improvement at this location and I know the Client will be happy with the quality of workmanship. Please pass along my kudos to the carpentry crew and laborers. Everyone deserves a pat on the back. I cannot wait to see it fully completed.”

– Christine, Sr. Project Manager

“Great teamwork! Appreciate all coming together for the client and doing the right thing here!”

– Teresa, Manager, Facilities

“I just want to recognize David and his team for the great job they did at cleaning our center last night. I have been here at this center for a year and have never see it this clean. Everyone this morning made a comment on how clean everything looked. Let David and his team know that we really appreciate it.”

– Diana, Financial Center Operations Manager

“I want to take a moment and recognize a job well done. Excel is demonstrating the partnership I was truly looking for. Gene, Kecia, Genaro, and Pablo are consistently doing just that. Thank you to the entire team.”

– Stephen, LEED GA

“Faisal…Thank you again for all of your hard work on these closeouts.  I really appreciate it!  It’s a pleasure working with you!”

– Cristina, Associate Project Manager

“Wanted to acknowledge the hard work by Cary, Mike and the team to complete another beautiful remodel… Operations was very pleased with the professionalism and partnership of the Excel team. Thank you for the hard work!”

– Kate, Construction Manager

“I wanted to thank you all for the outstanding job you did last Saturday cleaning up the running toilet over flow. Great job and great communication from Pablo!” 

– Nancy, Facilities Manager

“I also would like to commend JR and his team for their swift work with this event.  Rarely do we have a team respond and remediate as quickly and professionally as this one did.  Thanks to JR and his team’s effort, our team will be able to reopen and safely service our clients again this morning. Please send our sincere thanks for a job well done.”

– David, VP- Sr. Business Control Specialist

“A Chevy Van was involved in an accident in the intersection next to us.  Your Excel Construction team responded quickly and did an excellent job…I was very impressed with your associate (JR) Ignacio. Everyone who was watching the demolition and rebuilding of the wall from our staff was amazed at the speed and skill of JR and the team of workers assisting him.  It’s good to know that when an emergency happens and the call is placed for help Excel Construction will be there quickly to save the day. “

– Darell, VP, Security Manager

“Thank you for your excellent service. Above and beyond…”

– Martin, Project Manager

“I just wanted to share the appreciation we have for Pablo and his team.  They responded to this incident within one hour and kept the team abreast of the ongoing repair status. Fantastic teamwork!” 

– David, Senior Vice President, Regional Security Manager

“Great job Excel!  Thank you so much for your quick response last night and today.” 

– Jacqueline, Facilities Management Contractor

“Great job guys!  This is a perfect example of a reason why I have so much faith and trust in Excel Construction.  I know that no matter what time I get the call in the wee hours of the night your team are on it.  I know I can go back to bed and wake up the next morning and things are under control! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

– Darcy, Facility Manager 

“I wanted to take this moment to recognize Adam L. with Excel Construction.  He has worked on every project.  Adam is amazing and we need more people like him on jobs.  These customer info protection projects and my keys are so crucial.  He not only works accurately but is so prompt.  I really want to make sure that someone can recognize his hard work and efforts.  Now you know he had to go above and beyond to make me happy … THANK YOU FOR ASSIGNING HIM, HE IS AMAZING!!! 🙂 ” 

– Esmeralda, Facility Center Manager 

“Thanks so much Kecia…I know this was a fire drill on your side and I appreciate your wonderful responsiveness to this last minute rush request.” 

– Kelli, Facilities Manager 

“Awesome response and support, thank you! I hadn’t been in involved in one of these in a while, you guys are still awesome!!”

– Eric, Senior Property Manager

“The Excel team did an excellent job of cleaning, painting, and documenting the before and after results. I appreciate your top notch response and support to this time sensitive request. Please pass along my thanks to Ernie and the crew.”

– Stewart, Senior Vice President, Regional Facilities Manager

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a recent service call from one of your employees.  We called regarding a roof leak at the bank. Adam arrived and cheerfully entered our office. He accessed the roof and also inspected the problem from inside our location. Then he notified me that materials needed to be order. He then asked if there were any other problems as he had finished early. I have never had a repair person offer to do extra work if they finished early. He said he was good at repairing locks so I asked him to see why my desk would not lock correctly (it had supposedly been fixed by someone else). He removed all the drawers and spent quite a long time adjusting everything before putting it back together. Now it all works smoothly. He did all of this with a pleasant and professional attitude. You are very fortunate to have him in your employ.”

– Lesley, Registered Senior Client Associate

“I just want to take a moment to recognize Ignacio. As my building is somewhat older, I have had to opportunity to work with Ignacio several times. Each time Ignacio is thorough and diligent about what he does. He communicates and checks back prior to leaving to ensure the work was done to satisfaction as well. I really want to recognize him. We often take the time to notice when someone does something wrong but I just wanted to take the time to share what a wonderful employee you have in Ignacio. When I see him come by my center, I have the confidence to know that my center is in good hands.”

– Danielle, Financial Center Manager

“I had been having a ton of problems with our entrance door for too long. Now, I’m pleased to say that our doors work perfectly. I wanted to thank Adam and Dustin from Excel Construction. They did an excellent job. They were both very helpful, professional, and efficient. Words can’t describe how happy our center is with the service these gentlemen provided.”

– Jaime, Banking Center Manager 

“Your group of guys that worked on the building were great; always friendly and accommodating.  We appreciate their hard work and dedication.” 

– Michael, Assistant VP

“Thank you again, I am VERY PLEASED and appreciate Excel Construction and the level of service that you and the team have provided thus far!”

– Jeremiah, Project Manager

“We are the business neighbor of one of your clients in Encino. Just wanted to reach out and tell you that your project manager Irving, as well as the site manager Santos, have been a pleasure as well as the entire crew. They have all been consummate professionals and though working next to a build out can be difficult they have made it the best that it can be.” 

– Bambi, Director of Operations

“The Excel team that came out today was amazing! They did a wonderful job! ” 

– Heather, Banking Center Manager

“The artwork and marketing material has all been hung.  The office looks great!  Alex was a pleasure to work with.  He made recommendations that turned out perfectly and he was very accommodating to us.  Thank you so much for sending him out to take care of the Barstow Office.  We appreciate it!! “

– Wendi, Vice President 

“Gene was assigned to my Banking Center to replace some of our flooring and his whole team was wonderful! They all were very pleasant and easy to work with. They helped us move, clean and even throw out things we were not using that were discovered during the move process. In my opinion they went above and beyond the call of duty for us.”

– Melissa, Teller Operations Specialist

“The gentlemen from Tangram and Excel did a terrific job!!! They were efficient and very pleasant to work with. My compliments to all.

– Lin, Assistant Vice President

“If you want the job to be painless, have Excel do it.”

– Marty, Property Manager

I am so proud of Excel Construction Service and how they perform for our client! Thank you from my entire team!”

– Anne, Property Manager

Excel is an outstanding vendor for JLL and the Bank. We very much appreciate their commitment to excellence and how they support our teams.”

– Stewart, Regional Manager

Please thank Frank Sanchez and his team that worked with me yesterday to clean up debris and secure the ATM at this location. I really appreciate how fast they responded on New Year’s Day and they kept me informed of their progress so I could update my Incident Report. I appreciate it!”

– Cheri, Property Manager

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail regarding the Excel crews that have been working with me on the “ATM Collar” installation project. Everyone has been great and incredibly helpful. Just the fact that Excel arrives on time is worthy of praise, but it goes well beyond that. Excel is on time, ready to perform the task need, cleans up the work area, provides a helping hand, and does not leave the job site until the work is 100% done.

I have probably worked with Lalo G. the most, and it has definitely been my pleasure. Lalo is always ready to perform the task of opening up the wall for the extra room the ATM needs (and the task is always done very well), but he is also always lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. It’s gotten to the point where Lalo knows what is needed and when, and he just steps in and does it. Lalo even steps in and cleans the fascia of the ATM and ATM Surround, a task far beyond the call of duty.

I know this “ATM Collar” work is very simple and tedious, but the Excel crew has a positive attitude and they go beyond just cutting the ATM wall opening. Everything your team does helps get this task completed fast and efficiently. It’s greatly appreciated. Lalo in particular has been incredible.

I just wanted to send this e-mail letting you know how much I appreciate your team.”

– Sean, ATM Project Manager

Just an update to let you know working with Excel Construction Services, Inc. under the direction of Irving C., has been great experience. Irving makes it a point to minimize heavy work so not to interfere with our operations which can be a challenging task in Riverside. When work is scheduled during business hours, I Know exactly what to expect to I may communicate to the employees in a timely manner. I am especially happy there have been no surprises. Following is an example of how Irving communicates. His professionalism and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.”

– Julie, Branch Manager

“The Doors, frame, closer, handles and kick plates look great and function perfectly. Big improvement! Thanks for the great QC. The line of business managers are happy and so am I.”

– Teresa, Property Manager

“I assumed dispatching the bio team at 5:06 AM would have meant their arrival no later than 8 AM but since they let me down I’ll know to call you in the future. I’m sure the associates are impressed with all that you’re doing. Tell your team thank you for me!”

– Property Manager

Thanks for the prompt response, Amy. When ever we need electrical prep work and relationship building in Southern California, your name and that of Excel Construction will come to mind first! It has been my pleasure to work with you.

– Jim, Technology Project Manager

This is an example of the excellent emergency service we receive from Excel Construction. This problem was solved the day after this damage was done and the ATM was only closed for a few hours.”

– Linda, Property Manager

I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Excel for stepping in and locating the problems at our locations. In both cases Excel was able to quickly identify the problem and arrive at a solution where others had struggled. These are but two examples where Excels fast response has helped to streamline a solution and save the bank and JLL money. All of which makes Excel an invaluable vendor.”

– Roger, Property Manager

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