2018 Annual JOO Play4JA Bowling Event

Every year JLL/Bank of America holds an annual bowling fundraiser to give back to the local Junior Achievement students. This year it was held at the Concourse Bowling Center in Anaheim on Thursday, March 22nd.

Excel team members proudly in attendance were Karen Ratzlaff, CEO, Chris Mott, Chief of Staff, Kecia Ellsworth, Senior Account Manager, Tenice Hajali, Project Manager, Collette Marlatt, Customer Service Specialist, and Dave Jordaan, Director of Construction.

Vendors and guests spent an afternoon bowling and a pizza lunch was provided. There were even prizes given out! Excel’s own Tenice Hajali won a cash raffle and graciously donated all the money back the to the fundraiser. Way to go, Tenice!

Donations are always strictly voluntary and made directly in support of JASoCal. Last year, everyone’s partnership and generosity helped raise over $10,000 for JASoCal students.  The goal this year was to raise $13,000! 

What a fantastic way to bring people together for some fun and a worthy cause! Let’s hope this year’s event met its financial goal so that next year’s goal will be even higher!