Workplace Violence Prevention: Risk Assessment Guidance

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Elements of a workplace violence prevention program

Risk factors can be related to patients, clients, and settings and include the following:

  • Working directly with people who have a history of violence, abuse drugs or alcohol, are gang members, and are relatives of patients or clients;
  • Transporting patients and clients;
  • Working alone in a facility or in patients’ homes;
  • Poor workplace design that may block employees’ vision or interfere with their escape from a violent incident;
  • Poorly lit corridors, rooms, parking lots, and other areas;
  • Absence of emergency communication methods;
  • Prevalence of firearms, knives, and other weapons; and
  • Working in neighborhoods with high crime rates.

Other risks are related to the organization, such as:

  • Lack of policies and employee training for recognizing and managing hostile and assaultive behaviors from patients, clients, visitors, or staff;
  • Understaffing and high turnover;
  • Inadequate security and mental health personnel on site;
  • Long waits for patients or clients and overcrowded, uncomfortable waiting rooms;
  • Unrestricted movement of the public in clinics and hospitals; and
  • A perception that violence is tolerated and victims will not be able to report the incident.

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