ADOSH Urges Safety as Temperatures Rise

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Before temperatures begin to climb ADOSH (Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health) is urging employers and their employees to keep some important safety tips in mind to avoid succumbing to heat-related illnesses.

When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating, several heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and the more severe heat stroke can occur, and can ultimately result in death. We’ve all seen the stories about people suffering from heat exhaustion while working or while enjoying recreational activities. Fortunately, heat illnesses can be avoided by keeping heat safety at the forefront of our summer months’ activities.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion, which some may wave off as a simple headache or just being tired or hungry, include headaches, dizziness, weakness, moist skin, mood changes, dark-colored urine, heart palpitations and an upset stomach.

More serious heat strokes can cause dry, hot skin with no sweating, mental confusion, seizures or convulsions and fainting.

Both can lead to death

Being aware of the symptoms is just the beginning

Tips for avoiding any form of heat-related illness this summer include:

• Block out direct sun or other heat sources.

• Use cooling fans/air-conditioning.

• Rest regularly, preferably in the shade.

• Drink lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty (about 1 cup every 15 minutes).

• Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes and hats.

• Avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks and heavy meals.

If you or a friend or co-worker is having any heat-related symptoms, it’s important to get to a cool, shaded area, loosen clothing and provide cool drinking water, if necessary, call 911, and keep the person as comfortable as possible while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

During the upcoming months, it is important to remind not only ourselves, but also friends and co-workers of these simple steps that can be taken.

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