Kids and Construction Sites Do Not Mix

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A construction site draws kids like a magnet. Most of them have played with toy trucks or dozers. And, suddenly, there in front of them is the real thing. Think back to when you were a child. What things on a construction site were attractive to you? Here are some examples of things that you might want to make sure your company and its crews are trained to make “less” attractive to kids.

Heavy equipment – Never leave keys in heavy equipment and lock cabs if possible. Lock fuel caps. Don’t under estimate the resourcefulness of kids.

Sand, dirt piles – They draw even the smallest of children. The list of horror stories of children being killed by cave-ins is endless. Barricade these piles
or spread them out to make them safer.

Debris – Whether in a pile or just spread out, the dangers of sharp objects, such as protruding nails, glass or sharp shards of wood, make them
dangerous and tempting to explore. Get all your debris and trash into a container at the end of the day.

Open Excavations – These are especially “fun” for kids. Barricade access points and leading edges to prevent intentional or unintentional entrance.

Partially framed structures – Allowing access to these is key. What a child sees is a ready-made playhouse. Uncovered holes, sharp objects, nails and
other materials and stairways provide entertainment. Restrict access and make all attempts to make your structure “benign” to kids.

Scaffolding – To a kid, it’s a jungle gym. Take away as much access as possible.

Ladders – Ladders are a huge temptation. To a kid, they lead to adventure. Take ladders down and store them securely at the end of each day.

Partially installed utilities, especially water and electricity – Prevent any possibilities of electrocution be turning off electricity at the main switch and lock it out. Kids “playing” with water can cause excessive. Cut It off at the source as well.

Chemicals – Children don’t care about MSDS sheets. To them , containers of “stuff” look interesting. You can hear them saying, “Wonder what this stuff is?” before Pouring it out or spreading it onto something. Lock it away.


Last, but certainly not least is your company’s policy of bringing children of employees to the worksite. When it comes to kids and construction sites, we sometimes may have to appear like the bad guy, not only for our own protection, but for that of the kids as well. So forget about saying: “Maybe” or “OK, but be careful.” Let your “No” mean “No”. Be diplomatic, but firm. The risk and consequences are too great.

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