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• There are a number of safety problems common to most workplaces which can be mitigated using a thoughtful and deliberate proactive approach to safety. Planning and thinking ahead can help eliminate many hazards.

• Become familiar with the potential hazards that may exist in your workplace and follow all safety precautions to protect yourself against them. If you spot a hazard, correct it if it is safe to do so, or report it to your supervisor. If the job task requires it, use the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Be aware of, and eliminate, situations that could result in an accident or injury. Practice good housekeeping procedures and keep walkways, stairways, and exits well-lit and clear of debris. When walking, pay special attention to blind corners, slippery surfaces, and heights. Use mechanical aids or get help when lifting heavy loads. If your work requires you to be on the road, follow all traffic laws and drive defensively. Avoid drug and alcohol use, which can impair your safety performance and judgment.

• Inspect tools, PPE, and vehicles before use to see that all parts are in proper working order. If you detect a problem, remove the defective item and report the defect to your supervisor. If any part requires guarding, make sure guards are in place and follow lockout/blockout procedures. Properly use, store, and/or dispose of sharps and cutting tools.

• Make sure that electric equipment and tools are grounded and away from water or other conductive sources. Use three-prong plugs, a ground-fault system, or double insulation. Periodically check electrical cords and wires for any damage. Keep electrical boxes clear for ready access.

• Check that fire extinguishers are correct for your type of work, readily accessible, properly charged, and regularly inspected. Make sure there is an adequately stocked first aid kit readily available and you know what to do, whom to call, or where to go in an emergency.

• You have a responsibility to keep yourself and your coworkers safe on the job by following all safe work practices and avoiding dangerous shortcuts and horseplay. Forethought and a proactive approach can go a long way to reducing safety issues that are common to many work sites.

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